Past Events
30 December

MoneyBattles against Efren Reyes & Fransisco Bustamente in Pinneberg

The two legendary Filipino poolplayers Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante are coming to PBV Pinneberg in Germany!!

On Wednesday December 30th they will play MoneyBattles against local German players. Efren and Francisco will both play on separate tables against 8 different opponents starting at 17:00 local time.

These matches will be recorded only and not broadcasted live. In a later stage these matches will be published on the web and the links will be posted on our Facebook pages (MoneyBattle and OrangeForks Productions).

19 December

Stella Artois International Open 2015 (19-12-15)

An amazing new 9 ball event held in De Klokke Belgium, boasting a huge 6k total prize pot with a 1st place prize of 1,750 euros. We expect a big turn out in this one.

21 November

MoneyBattle #4 (21-11-15)

The 4th instalment from the MoneyBattle team is kicking off on the 21st of November. 

23 October

KNBB NK LIBRE 2015 (23-10-15)

Billiards is a unique game that requires maximum focus and skill at all times. The NK Libre was a huge success for the players and spectators. Lots of maximums were achieved. 

In the end it was 24-year old Demi Pattiruhu from Dordrecht who took the title in an exciting match against 19-year old defending champion Sam van Etten. 
Sam had the first chance but had an unexpected miss on 15 points. Demi gratefully excepted that chance and took the title in one visit at the table. In about 30 minutes he had finished the match with a maximum run of 350!


20 August

Longoni Benelux Open 2015 (20-8-15) - Netherlands

The Benelux Longoni Open is becoming one of the hottest events in the Europe pool calendar. Players travelling from all over are trying to take a cut from the 10k total prize pot.

28 May

Deurne City Classic 2015 (28-5-15) - Netherlands

The DCC event has been running for a few years now and is becoming a popular playing field for many of the top players. Over 5 days of 9ball, 10ball, 1pkt, Banks and much more....

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